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Getting the most from your PT provider

Fapas are the global leader in proficiency testing for the food and drink industry with a clear goal; to provide the highest quality PT services to our international customer base.

You may have chosen Fapas simply for the high-quality test materials or for the clear comprehensive reports, but Fapas have taken things one step further to give you the complete PT package.

What’s New

Multiple Results Submission

You can now submit more than one result in each of our PTs allowing you to:

  • Compare different methods
  • Assess performance of individual methods
  • Conduct independent training exercises
  • Your nominated result will appear in the report and your additional results appear on Fapas SecureWeb

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Improved Charting

  • Online trending is now available for all our schemes
  • A new range of filters to find data you need quickly and clearly
  • Download data into excel format, to produce control charts and feed into your existing quality control procedures

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The most comprehensive choice available

This year Fapas have added nearly 50 new products in the new 2022/23 programme, putting you ahead of the competition in validating your methods and demonstrating your proficiency. With over 600 PTs to choose from, you’re sure to find what you need.

  • Selection of incurred samples
  • Blanks available for a number of matrices
  • ‘Real’ food samples

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