Fapas Ereporting Design

Getting the most from your PT provider

Fapas are the global leader in proficiency testing for the food and drink industry with a clear goal; to provide the highest quality PT services to our international customer base.

You may have chosen Fapas simply for the high-quality test materials or for the clear comprehensive reports, but Fapas have taken things one step further to give you the complete PT package.

Fapas Ereporting

Fapas Enhanced Reporting

Details of the test are shown at the top of the page, including your lab number, submission reference and date, along with the report issue date.

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Enhanced Summary Report
This is equivalent to the summary section in the main PT report, with the addition of the chosen statistic used, uncertainty, Standard Deviation and Target Standard Deviation.

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Enhanced Results Table

Equivalent to the results tables in the main PT report, but here results can be viewed on one clear page, which you can easily scroll up and down to find your results that are clearly highlighted in green.
We have replicated the formatting you will find in our standard PDF reports, so that z scores greater than ± 2 will be in bold text, and any z scores that are provided for information only will be in italics.

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Enhanced Performace Summary
In this completely new section you will be able to view your individual labs performance for all the analytes you submitted results for on one clear screen. You can easily download a printable version of your performance summary/report in the form of a certificate from this area.

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Enhanced Method Data

The new enhanced method data enables you to filter the information and easily view your laboratory methods with those used by other participants in the round. This can help with reviewing methods in the event of an issue with your result.

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Enhanced Reporting Histograms
The enhanced reporting histograms make it simple to visualise your result and compare it with the other laboratories participating in the round for each analyte, using the analyte selector to view the ones relevant to your laboratory.

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