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Food and Beverage Chemistry Programme – over 400 proficiency tests annually

The confidence in analytical data provided to producers can be enhanced through using proficiency testing.

Proficiency testing (PT) provides evidence, from an independent source, regarding the competency of the laboratory supplying the analytical service. Proficiency testing is also a necessary component for laboratories that wish to become accredited to ISO/17025 laboratory management standards. This provides the basis of laboratory accreditation in approximately 100 countries, and other recognised laboratory quality assurance standards may also require that a proficiency testing programme is in place to check the actual performance of a laboratory process. It ensures the compliant testing of food products by maintaining standards of quality, composition, and authenticity.

Our proficiency tests cover a huge range of analytes, including allergens, toxins, and other chemical contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, and veterinary medicine residues. Fapas® Food Chemistry also provides materials for quality parameters and nutritional content of food products, assisting manufacturers to establish accurate product labelling and allowing consumers to make informed choices about the food they eat.

Many of the test materials are available for sale for use as quality control samples after the proficiency test has been completed. We also have an increasing range of matrix reference materials another key part of the Quality tool box.

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Benefits of Proficiency Testing

Fapas® Food Chemistry Proficiency Testing (PT) Scheme is accredited to ISO 17043

Whilst the rapid development of new technologies and methods provides opportunities for you to work smarter, technology can also pose a real challenge for laboratories to maintain a quality standard that can be trusted. The use of PT in the context of the assessment of laboratories to accreditation according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is regarded as a standard that demonstrates the quality of your test and calibration results and ultimately your products. By incorporating accredited Fapas® Food Chemistry proficiency testing into your processes and procedures you can be assured that you are delivering a high standard of quality assurance.

NEW for 2021-2022 - Food Chemistry Proficiency Testing

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Product Product Code Start Date Matrix Test Targets
Food / Bev Chemistry 0687 14/1/2020 Fish Perfluoroalkylated substances (PFASs) View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 02395 03/02/2020 Bovine Milk Glucocorticoids View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 22168 26/02/2020 Cereal Tropane alkaloids View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 21119 01/04/2020 Powdered Baby Food Vitamins (new B vitamins added View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 07371 15/07/2020 Oat Flour Metals View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 07374 13/08/2020 Mixed Herbs Heavy Metals (Cd, Ni, Pb) View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 25187 20/08/2020 Infant Formula Nutritional Components View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 04393 25/08/2020 Sesame Paste (Tahini) Aflatoxins B & G &/or total & OTA View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 14224 06/10/2020 Biscuit (Cookie) Fatty Acid Profile, Cholesterol View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 07381 09/10/2020 Mushroom Powder Metals View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 25190 06/11/2020 Corn/Maize based Snack Food Quality parameters View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 04401 24/11/2020 Peanut butter (water slurry) Aflatoxins B & G &/or total View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 02417 07/12/2020 Bovine Urine Natural hormones (nandrolone/ethinylestradiol) View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 07391 08/02/2021 Bivalve Molluscs (mussels) Cadmium, Lead, Mercury (total) View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 07392 24/02/2021 Soya Lecthicin (liquid) Metals View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 27289 26/02/2021 Spice (cumin) Allergens (sesame, gluten) View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 02426 08/03/2021 Bovine Serum Natural hormones (testosterone, oestradiol) View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 19308 22/03/2021 Pear Purée Dithiocarbamates View Details
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Featured Food Chemistry Tests for 2021-2022

Fapas offers high-quality test materials that allow your laboratories to highlight an extensive range of analytes. Our Food Chemistry covers chemical analysis of real food samples for a wide range of target analytes including: oils and fats, nutritional components, additives, natural contaminants, pesticides, and veterinary medicine residues. We also offer proficiency test to detect allergens, mycotoxins, and packaging chemical migrants.

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