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The ultimate test of quality for a wine is tasting, where the flavours and aromas can be directly experienced. However, this is essentially a non-standardised and subjective method for determining the quality of the product. As wine production methods modernise, there is increasing demand to minimise changes from batch to batch and carry out the necessary chemical analysis to understand these changes and their effect on quality. In theory, regular analytical monitoring should, over time, link changes in taste to changes in chemistry.

This involves a high degree of analytical complexity and it is essential that all results are reported accurately. When a section of the wine industry wanted to develop a proficiency test to help ensure high standards of analysis they approached Fapas®, as we have been recognised as a global leader in PT schemes for 30 years.

The programme is structured for everyone in the wine industry, from independent wineries to large, international multi-site laboratories and trade/import/bottling facilities and provides laboratories with an ongoing quality assurance tool for evaluating performance.

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Analysis for Safety

The safety of the product is just as important as the taste, and here only analysis can make sure that the wine does not contain chemicals at levels which are of concern, such as heavy metals, methanol, or processing contaminants. Proficiency testing provides feedback for the laboratories analysing the wine to help ensure testing remains reliable and accurate.


About The Test

The Fapas® Wine Proficiency Testing materials help winery and other laboratories obtain a true picture of their analytical data quality, providing participants with a high degree of confidence in their measurements.

The quality indicator materials comprise 2 different levels, one for 10 relatively simple quality parameters, and a second for more advanced testing of 28 additional analytes. Two large samples of wine, one red one white, are provided for Set 1 and four large samples (2 red, 2 white) for Set 2 due to the large number of test parameters. In addition to the quality tests we also have samples for heavy metal analysis (cadmium, copper, lead, plus pH) and pesticide residues.

NEW for 2020-2021 - Wine Proficiency Testing

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Product Product Code Start Date Matrix Test Targets
Food / Bev Chemistry Various -Set 1 Various Wine 10 primary quality tests View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry Various -Set 2 Various Wine 27 secondary quality tests View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 07373 05/08/2020 Wine Heavy metals View Details
Food / Bev Chemistry 19292 13/07/2020 Wine Pesticide residues (multi-residue) View Details
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